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DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Blaq Mo  - 2Baba Rainbow ( Rap Cover ) Art
Blaq Mo - 2Baba Rainbow ( Rap Cover )
Feb 03


Cultured by a mélange of the futurism of western education and the hard knock life of the streets, Blaq Mo’ can safely be regarded a hybrid of some sort. Having been born in Mushin— a place largely appraised for a long time as a social backwater of Lagos, with a revolutionary outlook (the type fed by the renaissance of an educated mind), Blaq Mo’ originally christened Lawal Opeyemi combines a fundamental quality of social awareness and artistic lyricism to explore the many subjects he raps about. If he is not rapping just to flaunt his lyrical dexterity, or plain-vain talking about the glitz of the good life, he is straight-out dishing out subjectively, on the social struggle that unites us all.

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